We launched RSHFOREX website to introduce our Forex Mentorship Program

6 min readDec 20, 2021

As we aware that Forex Trading is becoming famous among young generation day by day. And especially it had get boost during COVID-19 pandemic situation while all traditional business were disturbed very badly.

We are in Forex Trading & Trading Robot development business since several years. And during this COVID-19 pandemic situation we put our focus on our Forex Mentorship Program and decided to launch it widely (world wide).

Project Introduction

As in above sentences we already described that we are experts in MetaQuotes Language and also have corporate profile at MQL5 Community website. It is sign that we are professionally understand to Trading Robot and we have professional caliber to handle critical updates and widely infra structure. Yes my mean to say widely infra structure is deployment of our Trading Robot for Forex trading at large scale (regardless number of thousands or millions client’s accounts.)

About Our Founder — SEO

Forex trading experience; yes Mr. Shahid Rasool got basic Forex Trading Education in 2003 from proper Forex Brokerage House. And proudly have great experience not only forex trading although trading robot development and handling during production environment. Mr. Shahid Rasool also have past experience of MetaTrader Backoffice as he served his life’s some years in providing I.T backend support to Foreign Currency Exchange Broker.

Apparently Mr. Shahid Rasool and his team working all together as dedicated team of Forex Traders and MetaQuotes Language developers and Forex Market Technical/Fundamental Analysts they built a team and also build a Firm namely “Robotic Strategies House”. Now they got success to announce themselves as Registered Software Development (I.T. Services) Firm/Company.

RSHFOREX’s Success Story

RSH — Robotic Strategies House now commonly known as RSHFOREX among world wide Forex Trading Community due to his out of the box Trading Robot namely (Peace of Mind). Yes it is truth that according to international surveys 3~5% traders could get regular and consistent profits from Forex Trading regardless they are doing Forex Trading manual or with Trading Robot. And their software (Trading Robot) namely “Peace of Mind” really out of the box Expert Adviser which is being categorized in 3~5% success stories not by incidentally or luckily.

It is universal truth that success not comes by incidentally or luckily. Always there were continues hard work and many failures stories behind success. And RSHFOREX (RSH — Robotic Strategies House) also have very clear and prominent Success story year by year achievements from 2003 to up-to-date.

Introduction of Peace of Mind / Trading Robot

Something about our product “Peace of Mind” / trading robot which is being used for Forex Trading by our thousands of clients.

1- Working on Forex Currencies Pairs

2- It has elastic grid strategy (automatic adjustable according to market behavior e.g. high volatility and low volatility periods).

3- It has ~3 hours average holding time.

4- It has intraday trading technique.

5- It is closing trading activities few hours before at each weekend. You can spend weekend with ‘Peace of Mind’.

6- It has extremely advanced level news filter system.

7- It could generate monthly returns between 10~15%.

8- Minimum deposit required 50$ in cent accounts.

9- Compatible Cent Brokers are; Exness and FBS.

Our Payment Method for Trading Robot which being used in Forex Trading

Our payment method to receive SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) fee; as we are registered firm and have well known global (world wide) good reputation. Therefore we have integration with Pakistani financial institutions and accepting fee via JazzCash Online Payment Gateway & Alfalah Bank’s Alfa Payment Gateway and Western Union. Keep in mind that Western Union is last option if client have not any Visa/Master card to pay his/her monthly invoices and we strongly recommend Visa/Master Credit / Debit Cards.

Affiliate Program for Trading Robot & Forex Mentorship Program

We are distributing up-to 40% from our fees collections between our affiliate members/partners as their commissions in 6 levels in their affiliate chain.

How you can get access for our Affiliate Program with or without using our Mentorship Program

In order to get activate your Affiliate Portal you need to purchase JazzCash PGW test product in 10 PKR for life time.

You could earn affiliate commissions by following way;

Direct referral commission for first level: 350 PKR each month

Indirect referral commission for second level: 350 PKR each month

Indirect referral commission for third level: 175 PKR each month

Indirect referral commission for fourth level: 175 PKR each month

Indirect referral commission for fifth level: 175 PKR each month

Indirect referral commission for sixth level: 175 PKR each month

If your affiliate chain works with 4 referrals in each level, then your affiliate commission should be as;

First level clients = 4 X 350 = 1400 PKR each month

Second level clients = 16 X 350 = 5600 PKR each month

Third level clients = 64 X 175 = 11375 PKR each month

Fourth level clients = 256 X 175 = 44800 PKR each month

Fifth level clients = 1024 X 175 = 179200 PKR each month

Sixth level clients = 4096 X 175 = 716800 PKR each month

Total = 959,175 PKR each month

Our Brand Tag is RSHFOREX & slogan is Peace of Mind

We are going to become very famous and top firm (Forex Mentorship) with very successful track record and crowed of satisfied customers. As our slogan is “Peace of Mind” it is self explanatory that we are doing hard work during days and nights in order to provide peace of mind state to our valued clients/customers by providing them modern and out-class Forex Mentorship Service with our trading robot which they are attached with their forex trading accounts.

Still you are confused and thinking to join us or not

Don’t worry just give us chance for only one month and rest months of your trading journey we will provide you our services by getting your trust on our trading robot and our forex trading mentorship service.

We have our business profiles almost at all major and known social platforms / networks. And these business profiles representing that we come in market with full preparation and dedication and we will stay in market as long as our life. Therefore as early you will join us you could get extra ordinary benefits from our affiliate program and their 6 levels. So don’t wait and join us today for secure financially your future.

Forex Trading Reality and Consistency

I already explained this article in above sentences that success is not good luck and always have hard work story behind it. And our hard work story telling us and we are telling to everyone that consistent and regular profits from Forex Trading regardless manual are using trading robot is only possible is your money management implemented as, you got get monthly average return on investment around ~10%.

Whenever you will try to get more profits or you try to become over night rich by doing forex trading, you will lost your money. Therefore proper money management and portfolio selection is more important than your forex strategy and trading robot. Therefore forex mentorship program/service is very important for newbie and average experienced forex traders.

There are several ways that you can become our partner / employee

Yes I’m writing true, if you are seeking for job or better opportunity you are at right place. You can write us email or contact us over WhatsApp. You can write unique articles / website content for us and we will pay you for it. You can join our affiliate program and earn more than 900,000 PKR each month without any investment. And you can provide us quality back links if you are owner of any website / blog. And if you are experienced and matured forex trader and have report able verified track record you may contact us for getting partnership into our forex mentorship project. If you have any other skill or suggestion and you think that it could become beneficial for RSHFOREX (RSH — Robotic Strategies House) you can contact us without any hesitation.




We “Robotic Strategies House” are registered software developers (I.T Services) firm in Pakistan with registered firm number RYK/0026. We are experts in MQL.