RSH Traders Community Introduction

RSH Traders Community Introduction

We are associated with the Forex industry since 2003. We know a lot about technical, fundamental, sentiment, and outlook analysis. And also know deeply about Manual & Auto Trading very well.
Now we are going to expose our many years of learning and outcomes. Auto trading is better than manual trading. But still, you have to knowledge about Forex trading and analysis study. Without Forex trading knowledge know-how, Auto-Trading is more dangerous than manual.
We can’t leave Auto trading in Auto-Pilot mode. In light of the above outcomes, we decided to start this Project. In this project, End-User (Trader / Investor) always remains in an Auto-Pilot state. And we (RSH Traders Community) always look after this Project and each User (Trader / Investor) remotely 24 hours and 5 days a week.


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- We got knowledge about Forex, and we learned Forex in 2003

- We got verified the mql-4/5 programmer profile at MQL5.COM in 2016

- We registered MetaQuotes Language developer’s firm in 2020

- We got a corporate mql-4/5 programmer profile at in 2020

- We award by silver shield on best sales performance by MQL5.COM

Industry Best Solution


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We started the “Peace Of Mind” Project 1 year before and kept testing and optimizing it In-House,
With ~10 Months of great history/performance, our main account is linked with the MQL5 Signal page.
Now we are ready to invite the traders/investors community worldwide to take participates in this project.



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We “Robotic Strategies House” are registered software developers (I.T Services) firm in Pakistan with registered firm number RYK/0026. We are experts in MQL.